[CDBI] Scope of autoupdate/update?

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Aug 2 20:36:12 BST 2005

First, a little background. While working on the AxKit taglib for 
Handel, I made the decision that when updating multiple fields in the 
xml, it would be best to turn off autoupdates until all of the updates 
have been assembled and the parent tag was closed.

	<cart:cart> <!-- turn off autoupdate -->
		<cart:name>My Cart Name</cart:name>
		<cart:description>My Cart Description</cart:description>
		<cart:comments>Hey look at me!</cart:comments>
	</cart:cart> <!-- call update() manually -->

This is in contrast to how the classes themselves work in normal perl:

	package Handel::Cart;

	my $cart = Handel::Cart->new;
	$cart->name('My Cart Name'); # DB updated..
	$cart->description('My Cart Description'); # DB updated..
	$cart->comments('Hey look at me'); # DB updated..

Lately, I've had the urge to take that a step further. Turn off 
autoupdates for the has_a items in the cart instance....this has led me 
to a few questions for which I don't know the answer.

First, is autoupdate() scoped to the package namespace, or to the 
package instance, or Does The Right Thing? If the package is set to 
__PACKAGE__->autoupdate(1), that applies to all instances created from 
that package in an apache mod_perl child process right?

So, when I call __PACKAGE__->new->autoupdate(1), are autoupdates turned 
on for that blessed instance, or did I just flip the autoupdates bit for 
every instance of that package in the mod_perl apacke child process 
namespace for __PACKAGE__?

And the last question is of course, if I turn off an instances 
autoupdate bit, is there any chance that that propogates to the child 
objects returned by has_a relationships?

I think it should be possible to create a custom HAS_A relationship 
class that automatically flips the autoupdate bit based on the parents 
autoupdate bit, but that of course assumes that autoupdate is scoped 


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