[CDBI] Old Wiki content?

Andrew O'Brien andrewo at oriel.com.au
Thu Aug 4 02:00:11 BST 2005

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the old wiki content is available anywhere? It seems
a shame that these pearls of wisdom and example usage should be lost.
Does anyone know if Tony would be open to allowing someone else to set
up the same wiki on another host? A DNS update is a small thing if
someone has some hosting they could offer (unfortunately my public stuff
is heavily used by clients with load agreements so I'll have to wait a
few weeks before I've got a server or two to play with).

I'm looking for the mod_perl Ima::DBI workarounds that Perrin Hawkins
was working on - I held off incorporating them while a new version of
Ima::DBI was imminent and now they're gone :)

Perrin, are you on this list? If so, any chance of at least the current


- AO

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