[CDBI] Old Wiki content?

Andrew O'Brien andrewo at oriel.com.au
Thu Aug 4 02:32:56 BST 2005

Sorry all - this email was spooled back when the wiki had an alternate
splash page and I sent it off without rechecking.
http://wiki.class-dbi.com is, of course, working.

What an idiot :)

> Does anyone know if the old wiki content is available 
> anywhere? It seems
> a shame that these pearls of wisdom and example usage should be lost.
> Does anyone know if Tony would be open to allowing someone else to set
> up the same wiki on another host? A DNS update is a small thing if
> someone has some hosting they could offer (unfortunately my 
> public stuff
> is heavily used by clients with load agreements so I'll have to wait a
> few weeks before I've got a server or two to play with).
> I'm looking for the mod_perl Ima::DBI workarounds that Perrin Hawkins
> was working on - I held off incorporating them while a new version of
> Ima::DBI was imminent and now they're gone :)
> Perrin, are you on this list? If so, any chance of at least 
> the current
> patchset?

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