[CDBI] How do I add a method to a loaded class?

Alex Aminoff alex at basespace.net
Sun Aug 7 21:34:49 BST 2005

Well, I got it working for my purposes, but I had to pretty much treat all
columns as methods instead of columns. By which I mean, I could not use
$row->get($field), instead I had to use $row->$field(). But that syntax
seems to work so I suppose I am ok.

Thank you for the help. I have the sense that the correct way to do this has
to do with inheriting methods from a class that you pass as an argument to
Class::DBI::Loader, but my understanding of OO perl is not up to that.

 - Alex

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>The columns method with no arguments returns 'ALL' columns.  This
>strangely does not return TEMP columns  in .96  (probably for good
>reason though).

By "return" I meant "include". :)  ALLcolumn does not include TEMP
columns in .96.

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