[CDBI] CDBI, Oracle, and mod_perl

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(Note: I originally posted this message to the groups.kasei.com version of this list. Then I saw the note on the wiki that the mailing list had been moved. I apologize if sending this message results in a duplicate post.)

My organization uses mod_perl and Oracle to run our high traffic e-commerce web site.  Our site currently using DBI (via Apache::DBI) to interact with its database.  We would like to bring Class::DBI into the mix, but we are concerned about the two-connections-per-process problem mentioned in the ReUseLegacyDBIHandle page on the Class::DBI wiki (http://wiki.class-dbi.com/index.cgi?ReUseLegacyDBIHandle).

Perrin Harkins' wiki page on overriding the do_Main() method to accommodate mod_perl (http://wiki.class-dbi.com/index.cgi?UsingWithModPerl) seems to provide a potential solution, but it also appears to contradict the assertion on the ReUseLegacyDBIHandle page that you cannot use a normal DBI handle for a Class::DBI handle.  There appeared to be some back and forth on this in a previous thread on this list (http://groups.kasei.com/mail/arc/cdbi-talk/2005-02/msg00218.html), but  I couldn't see any resolution coming out of it.

Has there been any further development on this matter?  I would like to recommend Class::DBI for our e-commerce web site, but we just could not abide doubling our Oracle connections.  As has been mentioned, they are just too resource intensive.  Is it possible to (safely) set up a database connection for a Class::DBI object using a DBI handle?


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