[CDBI] Re: CDBI, Oracle, and mod_perl

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Sun Aug 14 18:46:28 BST 2005

William Ross wrote:
> [...] so the easiest answer is to tweak your existing connection pool so
> that it contains cdbi-compatible handles, and then put in your base class a
> db_Main method that retrieves its connection from this pool.

Just to be explicit, the DBI handles normally created by Class::DBI have the
following attributes:

             RaiseError         => 1,
             PrintError         => 0,
             Taint              => 1,
             RootClass          => 'DBIx::ContextualFetch',
             FetchHashKeyName   => 'NAME_lc',
             ShowErrorStatement => 1,
             ChopBlanks         => 1,
             AutoCommit         => 0 (for Oracle & PostrgeSQL, otherwise 1)

You can probably get away with not setting Taint and ShowErrorStatement.
RootClass, RaiseError, FetchHashKeyName, and ChopBlanks are almost surely
required. CDBI will work with either AutoCommit setting.

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