[CDBI] Connection with a fixed "where" clause.

Karl.Moens at marsh.com Karl.Moens at marsh.com
Mon Aug 22 08:36:51 BST 2005

Hi ListMembers,

Is it possible to have a class with a fixed "where" clause?

I was thinking of the following situation. I have a big database with a 
lot of customer related info (let's say ordering info). I would like to 
have one Catalyst application to access this database, but depending on 
who is using it, they should only be able to see the records of one 
customer only. I probably can do it by adding some hidden fields in the 
forms or some parameters in the URL and build a "where" clause out of it 
for each access, but that would be easy to "break" and thus allow the user 
to see other customers' data. Therefore I was thinking of setting up a 
CDBI-class which would have this "where" clause built-in, so that it was 
impossible to get outside of the allowed set of records (it would be like 
some sort of "VIEW" on the database, but the version of MySQL I'm using 
doesn't support VIEWs yet). All I would have to do is to switch to another 
Model-class if the customer changes. The way Catalyst works it would be 
transparent for the rest of the application.

But can it be done in CDBI?

I haven't written any code yet, it is just a thought experiment right now 
to see if it can be done at all. Any pointers in the right direction (or a 
simple" It cannot be done") will help.

(aka CountZero on PerlMonks)

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