[CDBI] Connection with a fixed "where" clause.

Karl.Moens at marsh.com Karl.Moens at marsh.com
Tue Aug 23 08:59:28 BST 2005

Thank you for your answer.

> All you need to do is call $customer->orders instead of calling

I'm afraid it is not as easy as that.  Writing a special "Customer" class
is of course entirely possible, but I wanted to avoid that and use the
tried and trusted CDBI-framework.

Class::DBI::View might be a solution and a step in the good direction as it
can create a particular view on the database (say one for each customer),
so that solves my retrieval problem in a nice way, but ... this module has
no create/update/delete facilities, so I will still have to program all
these methods myself.

Well perhaps there is no easy solution (yet).

> but shouldn't you be changing your view here, not your model?

I my opinion it is indeed the model that changes and the view (and even the
controller) remains the same. The way I had imagined it, he solution would
be to use on big basic storage and each model only allows access to a part
of it. But there is considerable debate on where to draw the borders
between Model, Controller and View.


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