[CDBI] performance?

Josef Chladek j.chladek at wirtschaftsblatt.at
Sun Aug 21 10:13:10 BST 2005

i'm trying to find some 'time' in my program. what i am doing is to  
just retrieve some data for a class (tried it with different classes,  
always the same behaviour)

         my $tstart = tv_interval($t0);
         eval {$cdbi = $class->retrieve($id)};
         my $tend = tv_interval($t0);
         warn "dt_retrieve ", $tend - $tstart;

i just loop 10 times over the above code, this results in

dt_retrieve 0.004602
dt_retrieve 0.004788
dt_retrieve 0.050046
dt_retrieve 0.006828
dt_retrieve 0.004418
dt_retrieve 0.004669
dt_retrieve 0.004521
dt_retrieve 0.014593
dt_retrieve 0.007402
dt_retrieve 0.015778
dt_retrieve 0.017207

so i have huge differences (order of 10!) for the SAME $id, why? is  
this related to the live_index or can i do something in my program to  
increase the time for retrieving?


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