[CDBI] AutoCommit => 0 with mod_perl 1.3 - weird caching?

Brian Gorby gorbster at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 01:05:48 GMT 2005

I'm running into interesting behavior when using CDBI with enabled 
transactions / MySQL (InnoDB) / mod_perl 1.3.

The web application displays table records via CDBI.

When I manually add a row to the CDBI represented table via the mysql 
console, and refresh the web page displaying the table data, I don't 
always see the new record data. Sometimes I even see a stale 
representation of the table state on the page immediately after seeing a 
valid representation table.

Log output shows that it's not a browser caching issue.

If I turn on AutoCommit, everything works as expected.

Are my stale CDBI objects being persisted by mod_perl as a result of 
disabling AutoCommit?

Any ideas?



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