[CDBI] How well does Class::DBI scale?

Sam Tregar sam at tregar.com
Sun Dec 18 04:37:27 GMT 2005

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> My question to the list: has anyone else run into these problems (too
> many SQLs) and if so, have they found an automatable solution?

Yes, and no.  We're doing exactly what you describe where I work -
using CDBI but turning to hand-written SQL to generate reports.  The
only difference from what you describe is the result - we're generally
returning raw data from our queries, not objects using construct().
Even building a CDBI object can take a surprising amount of time!

> 4. I am using Class::DBI 0.96 still (don't ask!)

Us too.  If it ain't broke...


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