[CDBI] Difference between add_constraint during INSERT and UPDATE?

Johnny Morano jmorano at moretrix.com
Mon Dec 19 16:01:39 GMT 2005


I've just discovered that when I submit a form, which is going to insert
data into the database, and when I have created constraints in CDBI with
the method 'add_constraint', that the constraint is not executed on the
columns that have an empty value.

When I try to update that row in my same webapp, in a update window/mode
thing, columns with empty values are being send through the constraint.

Is this a normal operation?

I retrieve my params with Apache::Request->parms (so it's an Apache::Table
object). And in both screen (insert and update), the empty columns look
like this:

  column_name => ''

I thought that the constraints were always called, that's why I had
created some constraints to check if the user really entered something in
the input field, because otherwise the database would send error

Anybody any ideas?


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