[CDBI] new reserved words in 3.0.11?

William Ross will at spanner.org
Fri Nov 4 13:28:27 GMT 2005

On 4 Nov 2005, at 13:10, Dave Howorth wrote:

> On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 12:36 +0000, William Ross wrote:
>> On 4 Nov 2005, at 11:36, Patrik Wallstrom wrote:
>>> Did anybody understand what I meant in this mail?
>>> With the example objects below in version 3.0.11, I can't access
>>> method $object->name or $object->type, only those accessors which
>>> actually changed name in accessor_name_for.
>> I think this may be because you're changing the accessor name (by
>> lowercasing it) but not the mutator name. If they differ, cdbi will
>> create separate get and set methods rather than a single mutator
>> method. This comment is in the code:
>>    # Make a set of accessors for each of a list of columns. We  
>> construct
>>    # the method name by calling accessor_name_for() and
>> mutator_name_for()
>>    # with the normalized column name.
>>    # mutator name will be the same as accessor name unless you
>> override it.
>>    # If both the accessor and mutator are to have the same method  
>> name,
>>    # (which will always be true unless you override  
>> mutator_name_for), a
>>    # read-write method is constructed for it. If they differ we
>> create both
>>    # a read-only accessor and a write-only mutator.
>> but I don't think it's exactly right.
> I agree. It looks like a new bug to me. I think the comments agree  
> with
> the POD and with the way accessor_name() used to behave. i.e. they're
> correct :)  But as far as I can see, the code now does something
> different.
>>  the accessor and mutator names
>> are set when the column object is constructed, then
>> _mk_column_accessors calls $col->accessor($class->accessor_name_for
>> ($col)), which in your case *will* mean that the accessor name
>> changes. The comment suggests that this will only happen if you set
>> the mutator name, which is wrong.
> I think your interpretation of the comment is wrong here. The idea is
> that in simple cases where you just want to change both the  
> accessor and
> mutator to have a new name (e.g. customer instead of customer_id) you
> just override accessor_name_for and it changes the names of both the
> accessor and mutator identically. I think that's what the comment says
> (and what the POD says and how CDBI 0.96 behaves).

that's what I meant. accessor_name_for and mutator_name_for are now  
called separately and after the column object has been constructed,  
so changes made by either method will have the same effect when  
_mk_column_accessors is called after that. The comment suggests that  
only a mutator_name_for method can have that effect, which as you say  
used to be right but is now wrong.

>> incidentally, your lc($column) is likely redundant anyway: $column is
>> an object and stringifies to a lowercased version of its name. As a
>> test, I'd suggest that you either omit the lc($column) or add a
>> simple mutator_name_for method:
> Instead of this, my personal suggestion would be to use
> Class::DBI::Frozen::301 until there's a stable release.

I don't agree. Ideological jostling to one side, 3.0.1 has several  
bugs, some of which are quite serious, and a much less helpful  
implementation of the live object index. All that's needed in  
Patrik's case is to make sure that the accessor and mutator names  
look the same to cdbi when it's creating the class methods, and  
that's easily accomplished by making a mutator_name_for method that  
does the same as (or just calls) accessor_name_for.

Then, yes, someone should file a bug. whether it's docs or code is up  
to Tony, I guess.


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