Steven Mackenzie steven.mackenzie at aptile.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 16:12:05 GMT 2005

Perrin Harkins wrote:

>>Any idea what could cause multiple objects to represent the same row?
> All kinds of things.  You might not be using the object index feature.
> Your perl might not be compiled with weak reference support.  You might
> be using objects after a create() call, which will not put them in the
> object index.

[Steven gets grip on spinning head]

OK, that's given me some things to look at :-)

Actually, I am using the objects right after a create call. Did I miss
an important paragraph in the docs?

I'm justing doing some experimenting with multiple find_or_create calls
one after another, and getting some unexpected results ...

> Why can't you just use refaddr and have duplicates?  Or put the stuff in
> $self->{'__super_secret_special_key'}?

$self->{__sssk} won't work for me if I have all these clones floating
about, because the key will only be in one of them.

I think I've seen that problem already. That was why I set up the

Thanks for your clues!

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