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Thu Nov 10 18:36:19 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 06:17:11PM +0000, William Ross wrote:
> >Can I create a temporary column and inflate that with a has_a?
> Good question. I don't see why not. Functionally it isn't much  
> different to storing arbitrary keys in the object hash, so you may  
> still have to deal with there being more than one instance of an  
> object, but it ought to be more robust between versions and easier to  
> follow. Also, i vaguely remember TB saying that cdbi might not always  
> be a nice simple hash on the inside.

However, using Class::Accessor::Fast accessors for some temp thing would
conveniently bypass the CDBI get and set ...

(oh, and if you want to be unique by record, why not just use the LOI key
making mechanism ...)

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