[CDBI] how to debug broken inheritance?

Phil Mitchell phil at 2people.org
Sat Nov 19 19:38:07 GMT 2005

I've posted about this before:

I have different page classes (Event, Talk, etc.) all of which inherit
from a base Page class, which inherits from my App::DBI class.
Generally this was working fine, except for one class which "refused"
to inherit it's triggers and r'ships. Previously I thought it had
something to do with that subclass defining its own triggers, but now
I have an example of a class with *no* triggers of its own which also
"refuses" to inherit from Page. In fact, this new class is very simple
-- it adds only one has_a rship (to a DateTime object). However, this
class does get used in a lot of other has_a rships in other classes.

This makes me think the problem is not internal to this class... and
I'm at a loss for how to debug. I don't have much knowledge of CDBI
internals -- can anyone suggest where to look to start debugging this?
Why would the inheritance rship get clobbered?

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