[CDBI] DBI's last_insert_id and Class::DBI's _auto_increment_value

Kingsley Kerce kingsley at kingsleysoftware.com
Tue Nov 22 15:05:27 GMT 2005

 > After looking into Class::DBI::Pg a little it does have the ability to look
 > up the sequence and define it in the set_up_table.  This is cool but not
 > exactly transparent because to get this functionality I need to have
 > Class::DBI::Pg be my base class which would then still excluded mysql from
 > working.

What's the significant difference between having an application in
which you can edit a config file and change "Pg" to "mysql", and an
application in which you can edit a single Perl file and change "Pg"
to "mysql"?


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