[CDBI] Re: DBI's last_insert_id and Class::DBI's _auto_increment_value

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 22 19:36:31 GMT 2005

>> I completely agree with you. Tim Bunce brought up this same issue on the old
>> Class::DBI mailing, and I thought he had convinced Tony Bowden to change the
>> _auto_increment_value code to use DBI's last_insert_id, but it appears Tony
>> Bowden never implemnted the change.
> I can't say I'm overly surprised; I tried to use last_insert_id for
> auto-increment columns in DBIx::Class and ran into a widely varying level
> of support from different DBDs [...]

That's true, but I stand by my recommendation for David to submit a bug
report and patch via RT. Switching to last_insert_id isn't a panacea. It
won't eliminate the need for database-specific CDBI classes for all
databases, but it (presumably) will work for more databases than the current
code and it would make Class::DBI database agnostic, which it really should be.

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