[CDBI] Only two has_many/has_a relationships?

Venky Nandagopal indigo.violet at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 22:51:41 BST 2005

I'm using Class::DBI 3.0.9 (actually Class::DBI::mysql). I just discovered
that when I have, say classes A, B, C and D

A has_many D
B has_many D
C has_many D

D has_a A
D has_a B
D has_a C

Then the "D has_a C" relationship is not recognized. I notice this when I
try to pull all D belonging to class C by saying something like

dump C->all_Ds();

Error: C is not a column of D

(the has_many relationship was defined as C->has_many( all_Ds => 'D' ); )

I also see it when I try to use the add_to_all_Ds method from class C.

Sorry this isn't a more concrete test -- can anyone help with this?


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