[CDBI] pass in database name from application

Steven Mackenzie steven.mackenzie at aptile.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 10:09:43 BST 2005

I think Class::DBI::Factory is the solution to that problem. I'm looking
at using it soon, but haven't yet ...


Thomas Kwan (eTechfocus) wrote:
> Hello there,
> Is there anyone knows how to make a Class::DBI object
> reuseable with multiple databases within the same
> process?
> For example, I want to build a User class that extends
> Class::DBI. Then, I want to read a User object from
> database A and a User object from database B, using
> the same User class ideally. Then, I want to compare
> them.
> How can I build reuseable DBI object API without hardcoding
> the database name, user id, password, table name in
> the class?
> thanks
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