[CDBI] Re: pass in database name from application

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 10 20:36:08 BST 2005

Will wrote:
> The standard approach to the many-databases question, and one of the
> main things that CDF does for you, is to omit the connection(...)
> call and supply your own database handles from a db_Main method in
> your base class.

Yup. See http://wiki.class-dbi.com/index.cgi?UsingMultipleDatabases for more
info and examples.

> The only thing you have to watch out for is that the handles
> returned by your method are of the same kind as the ones that cdbi
> normally uses. Ed has listed the requirements here:
> http://lists.digitalcraftsmen.net/pipermail/classdbi/2005-August/000061.html

Also here:

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