[CDBI] [OT] A new Perl wiki.

Emanuele Zeppieri ema_zep at libero.it
Wed Oct 12 15:58:12 BST 2005

I really don't want to reopen the debate about the wiki to use for cdbi
(Perl-based or not), especially now that Simon Wilcox has meritoriously
set up a so beautiful and functional wiki (thanks Simon for your great

But I've just found a (new?) Perl-based wiki, really too beautiful (at
last!) to be omitted.

It seems to have many features and it even uses POD as its (main) markup
language (it also permits various other markup languages), so that it
would be extremely easy to insert into it the existing PODs, to let the
users extend and integrate them.

It's here:

And here there is a site which uses it:

(A Java application using a Perl wiki, cool ;-)

I just desired to share it.


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