Ryan Tate lists at ryantate.com
Thu Oct 13 01:12:21 BST 2005

Does anyone have any experience working with Class::DBI on top of
DBD::DBM? How'd it go?

I am refactoring an old script that uses MLDBM (DB_File with Storable)
to store objects --

my $obj = $Tied_hash{ $obj_id };
my $bar = $obj->{bar}
my @complex_data_structures = $obj->{foo}
$obj->{bar} = $new_bar;
$Tied_hash{ $obj_id } = $obj;

-- and Class::DBI + DBD::DBM may be the fastest way to get where I
want to go, which is roughly --

my $obj = Uber::Class->retrieve( $obj_id );
my $bar = $obj->bar;
my @complex_data_structures = $obj->foo;

Thanks for any help!


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