[CDBI] Weirdness trying to limit Class::DBI has_many relationship from TT template

Will Hawes info at whawes.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 10:40:50 BST 2005

I'm attempting to limit the results returned via a has_many relationship using Class::DBI 0.96 and Template Toolkit 2.14.

in My/Product.pm:
__PACKAGE__->has_many(images => ['My::ProductImage' => 'image']);

in My/ProductImage.pm:
__PACKAGE__->has_a('image' => 'My::Image');

This code works fine - only My::Images with image_type == 1 are returned:

 my $product = My::Product->retrieve(1);
 my @images = $product->images(image_type => 1)

Trying to do the same from a template doesn't work.

[% images = product.images(image_type => 1); %]

I have tried several variations of the above in my template (e.g. replacing "=>" with "=", trying with and without "{}"), but to no avail. In every case, all My::Image objects get returned and the limit criteria are ignored. I don't understand why.

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