[CDBI] Class::DBI::Sybase patch to allow TEXT columns forcreate/update

John Drago john.drago at data393.com
Thu Sep 1 21:52:32 BST 2005

You so completely rock.

Great job - though I don't have any information for you, I do have some
Kudos to give.


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Hi Class-DBI,

I've recently had to deal with some tables in Sybase with TEXT type
columns in them.  Apparently the Sybase libraries don't allow
parameter binding for those types of columns, so neither does

Attached is a patche to deal with this limitation.  Basically,
CDBI::Sybase now removes any TEXT columns from the insert and update
clauses parameter binding, and instead embeds them with $dbh ->
quote() from DBI.

I tried emailling the maintainer of CDBI::Sybase with a patch, but I
got a bounce.  Anyone know who the maintainer is now?


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