[CDBI] Dealing with non-required primary keys

Rusty Phillips rustyp at freeshell.org
Sun Sep 4 03:39:16 BST 2005

> > It's not really important to add a constraint to Class::DBI to handle
> > the typename; the RDBMS will take care of that.  What is important is
> > how to deal with the typeid.
> What do you mean - "how to deal with the typeid"?
How to tell Class::DBI that the typeid is a generated by the database upon insertion.
> > So what would you recommend?  Is this a technical feat that can't be
> > accomplished in Class::DBI?  I should mention that "don't use primary
> > keys" isn't really an option.  I need to use primary keys because I'm
> > using quite a few "has_a" relationships in other modules that use the
> > primary keys I'm using.
> Is there something preventing you from doing it this way?
"has_a" relationships are used in linking foreign keys to primary keys.
If you don't correctly specify the primary keys, then they don't work.
If this explanation isn't sufficient, you're going to have to expound
upon what you mean by "this way," as I'm taking it to mean "not using
primary keys."

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