[CDBI] Re: ChildOf

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Sat Sep 10 00:52:42 BST 2005

> CDBI::Server->child_of ( cluster => CDBI::Cluster => 'cluster_id');
> OR (you could be child of multiple clusters:)
> CDBI::Server->child_of ( maintenance_cluster => CDBI::Cluster =>
> 'mcluster_id');
> CDBI::Server->child_of ( web_cluster => CDBI::Cluster => 'wcluster_id');
> --------------------
> Like might_have, child_of creates the accessor (.e.g web_cluster) which will
> return a parent object.

This sounds useful, but I don't quite understand from your description how it
differs from a has_a relationship from the child to the parent (other than it
allows you to specify the accessor name for the parent). What am I missing?

I implement similar parent/child relationships like so:

Parent->columns('Primary' => qw/parent_id/);
Parent->has_many(children => Child);
Child->columns('Primary' => qw/child_id/);
Child->columns('Others => qw/parent_id/);
Child->has_a(parent_id => Parent);

How does ChildOf simplify or improve on this?


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