[CDBI] CDBI table Definitions

Randy Burke uncle.ranny at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 22:10:17 BST 2005

I am still trying to rap myh brain around all this, 

One question I am wondering:

It is common to set up our connection in one module and the table def in 
another. what I am wondering.... is it possible to define to table in one 
file and the the relations in another


APP::DBI has the connection info
APP::Tab1 describes table 1
APP::Tab2 describes table 2
APP::Tab1::Rel1 has as the has_a and has_many llines for one view
APP::Tab1::Rel2 diffent view of the the relation ship.

the Rel modules would have us "use base APP::Tab1" at the top. 

I have a user database and users can be assign tickets and email. when I am 
working on mail tree I dont want to extra baggage of the ticket tree to be 
mucking thing up, 

It is also possible that I am not understand how things are load and 
assessed use CDBI. 

Randy B.
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