[CDBI] [ANNOUNCE] DBIx::Class 0.03 released to CPAN

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Sep 20 09:24:13 BST 2005

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 09:28:09AM +0200, Daniel.Brunkhorst at dataport.de wrote:
> I think your behaviour is rather impudent, announcing a new release of your module on the mailing list of a competing module.

1. The modules aren't "competing". Tony and I correspond by e-mail still,
   and I chat to the Tangram and Rose::DB maintainers as well. Any concept
   of hostile competition is, I assure you, entirely in your head.

2. Somebody posted to the cdbi list less than a fortnight ago asking where
   DBIx::Class was up to and a number of people replied; that would suggest
   there is at least some interest among the list subscriber base.
> In each and every mail you write to the Class::DBI(!!) mailing list, you point to either Class::DBI::Sweet or DBIx::Class, which is becoming more and more annoying for me.

Yes. Horses for courses. For speed, use Rose::DB::Object. For extensibility
and flexibility, DBIx::Class. For stability and pre-built plugins, Class::DBI
(sweeten to taste :). For object hierarchy mapping and perl-style queries,
use Tangram.

Or maybe you'd prefer I just taught people to re-invent the wheel even when
they have a problem that's already solved by a CPAN module? (you might note I
suggested Class::DBI::View and ::AbstractSearch in a previous post, neither
of which I am in any way affiliated to).

I'll admit I've mentioned DBIx::Class a little more often recently, but that's
because people keep asking about issues that have driven me insane time and
again while using Class::DBI and which I took great care to make sure
wouldn't come up in DBIx::Class. I *am* conscious that I've been exceeding
tolerances a little on this, but when people post the exact same problems
that have made my blood boil a dozen times over the past few years it's hard
to resist yelling "It's ok! There's one that doesn't do that!" :)
> I would like to politely ask you to stop doing so. This mailing list is not an advertising platform for your modules. Please open up your own mailing lists for ::Sweet and/or DBIx::Class.

There's already a DBIx::Class mailing list. See the link in my sig for details.

There could be one for Sweet, but I can't see any advantage to it. I'm open
to being persuaded though.

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