[CDBI] CDBI Newbie Question

Steven Mackenzie steven.mackenzie at aptile.co.uk
Tue Sep 27 17:26:00 BST 2005


I'm new to Perl (and to CDBI!), I hope someone can spare a minute to
help me with a tangentially relevant question ... or point me in the
right direction to ask or read more!

I have written some test code to talk to a SQLite DB file and read data
in to it via classes derived from Class::DBI. My test script worked
fine, so I've factored out my DB access code, and packaged the classes
for each table in to perl modules (.pm files).

Is that the normal thing to do?

Because I'm starting a Big Project, I'm trying to keep my modules tidy,
and have defined a hierarchy, with all my modules below ANPerl/; for
example, one of my DB table classes is

Unfortunately now in my client code I have lines like
 $current_dsr_row =

      {RetrievalUrl => $retrieval_url} );

That's a lot of typing! Is there any way to say that I'm using all the
modules in the path ANPerl::AnalysisFramework::ResourceStore::Metadata?

Then I could just write
  $current_dsr_row = DBDiscoverySetResources->create( {RetrievalUrl =>
$retrieval_url} );

Thanks in advance for any clues,

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