[CDBI] CDBI Newbie Question

Steven Mackenzie steven.mackenzie at aptile.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 08:32:01 BST 2005

Jay Strauss wrote:
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but have you looked at
> use lib qw/.../
> or export a PERL5LIB environmental var?

I'm using the PERL5LIB approach at the moment to find all of my Perl
modules that I've put under ANPerl:: (Actually at

I did this to avoid any future problems if I happen to invent a package
name the same as something else installed on my, or my users, machine.
That's possibly less pragmatic than necessary -- a few people here have
suggested not bothering (you, Tod W, and Bill Moseley).

Matt Trout suggested
  sub table { return
    "ANPerl::AnalysisFramework::ResourceStore::Metadata::$_[0]"; };
and Kingsley Kerce suggested
  use aliased;

Those are both closer to what I was (wrongly) expecting
  use ANPerl::...::DBResourceStoreDBStates;
to do ("use" for a non-OO module imports things in to my namespace!)

The final option is that I just use the long names, which when I've
finshed my modules will be hidden away from all the client code anyway.

So I have a few options now,

Thanks eveyone!

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