Wiki wrongs righted (was Re: [CDBI] Parent-child relationships)

Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at
Wed Sep 28 14:16:28 BST 2005

At 07:30 9/28/2005, you wrote:
> > However, it looks like some pages have been hacked: http://wiki.class- 
> >
>Everyone, a call to arms.  There are over 50 spammed pages remaining
>on the CDBI wiki.  I've just reverted ten pages; let's distribute the
>Search the wiki for the name of a common erectile dysfunction drug
>(which I'll not state here for fear of this email being filtered out).
>Follow a link in the search results to reach a spammed page, then
>click the left arrow icon ("N revisions"), then click the Edit This
>Page icon, then click the Save button.

I looked at a couple, then searched on other less-than-likely subjects for the wiki, like 'phent', 'nursing', 'italian', and 'canada'.  Got one valid hit on Canada, though. :)  Found one accidentally blanked page, so reverted twice.

TonVoon, NigelMetheringham, KingsleyKerce, two anonymousGnomes, and moi, and all done.  (I hope)


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