[CDBI] Re: Class::DBI internal column swapping wierdness ?

Richard.Foley at t-online.de Richard.Foley at t-online.de
Thu Sep 29 15:43:56 BST 2005


These 2 packages are almost completely empty, and do not refer to any
other tables themselves.  They cannot, of course, because they are being
used by multiple other tables/modules by different names, in a one-way
relationship.  I have not seen this behaviour before, although it
appears to be consistent now that I have found this single record
behaving in this manner, repeatedly.  I'm quite prepared to believe I'm
doing something daft, but it doesn't look like it, yet, (famous last
words...)  It's very wierd.


> I have some very wierd behaviour going on using Class::DBI.  Columns
> appear to be being swapped internally, which is seriously screwing our
> application up.  Now I may be missing something obvious here, of
> but here is the basic scenario:

>  __PACKAGE__->has_a(enabled      =>     qw(Att::EnabledDisabled));
>  __PACKAGE__->has_a(shared  =>  qw(Att::YesNo));

Since these 2 appear to be swapping what do these packages look like? It
appears as if they are referencing the other's table.

Does this problem happen all the time or just occassionally?

>     'shared' => bless( {
>                       'name' => 'ENABLED'
>                     }, 'Att::YesNo' ),


>     'enabled' => bless( {
>                        'name' => 'YES'
>                      }, 'Att::EnabledDisabled' )
> }, 'Att::Task' );

So C::D is picking the right class for the relationship expansion, but
the classes themselves are getting the wrong values.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP


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