[CDBI] Oracle Adaptor

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed Apr 5 18:18:58 BST 2006

Eric Just wrote:
> Hi,
> I have written code for the Oracle Class::DBI adaptor.  Specifically, 
> you can not find data in a CLOB column using the '=' operator.  I added 
> some code to track CLOB columns and write the query in a different way 
> (using LIKE) when the where clause contains a CLOB column.    Does 
> anyone maintain this package at the moment?  If so, would you kindly 
> review my changes for possible incorporation into the production driver?

I believe there's a Class::DBI::Oracle.

If you use Class::DBI::Sweet, you could just ask it for a like match, of course.

> Also, I have written a general method called 'get_single_row' which 
> basically passes off the arguments to 'search' but dies if more than one 
> record is returned.   I was wondering if this method or something of 
> that ilk would be worth including in the Class::DBI methods.

You'd need to send it to RT; the Class::DBI maintainer, as noted in the docs, 
doesn't read the list or involve himself with the user community anymore - he 
left as a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding with another list member 
shortly after we began the DBIx::Class project.

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