[CDBI] latest greatest Class::DBI::Relationship::IsA?

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Mon Apr 24 17:36:55 BST 2006

I'm working on a project that seems to have painted me into the corner
labeled "needs to use Class::DBI::Relationship::IsA".

Apparently, based on my debugging and then some googling, the version
of C...IsA on CPAN isn't completely compatible with CDBI 3.0.14, which
is what my platform installs for me (ports on FreeBSD).

I wacked out a couple of calls to map in one of the functions to get
stuff to work, and caught a comment on this list that pointed out that
the docs seem to be wrong and that I need to list all of the
'superclass" columns in the subclass.  That got me going.

That same message mentioned that there is a devlopment version of
C...IsA that matches CDBI 3.0.14.  Is that true?  Where might I find


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