[CDBI] Sequences in Class::DBI?

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au
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Here's a snippet of how we do it for our Oracle system

package Orders;

use base qw(OurSystem::DBI);

__PACKAGE__->set_sql('Nextval', <<NEXTVAL);

Obviously the postscript way of selecting the next value from a sequence
will vary, bit you just need to stick that in the set_sql for 'NextVal'

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Hi, I'm rewriting a reasonably big project to use Class::DBI instead of
DBIx::Abstract. How can one get access to sequences in Class::DBI? Given
a sequence in Postgresql, I want to access the current value and the
next value. With DBIx::Abstract I can do:

sub Get_NextSequence($)
  my ($result)= Clone()->select_one_to_array( "nextval('" . $_[0] ."')"
  return($result || 0);

sub Get_CurrSequence($)
  my ($result)= Clone()->select_one_to_array( "currval('" . $_[0] ."')"
  return($result || 0);

How can I do the same in Class::DBI? I assume that I will need a
separate class for each sequence, but given a sequence called 'daynum',
how do I write the class?

Many thanks,

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