[CDBI] Statement handle warnings issue?

John Day johnday at wordsnimages.com
Tue Aug 8 04:55:40 BST 2006

I have a simple process that is intended to run as a cron task to do 
a series of searches and process the results.

It seems that if I use a search, then when I go to do another search 
I get a warning like this:

prepare_cached(SELECT id
FROM   contact
WHERE  user = ?
) statement handle DBIx::ContextualFetch::st=HASH(0x864c378) still 
Active at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.4/Ima/DBI.pm line 391

DBIx::ContextualFetch is v 1.03
DBD::mysql is v3.0006
Ima::DBI is v0.33
Class::DBI is v3.0.14

any suggestions?


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