[CDBI] Many-to-Many - why no CDBI::Relationship?

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Aug 22 09:46:23 BST 2006

Ryan Tate wrote:
> Is there a reason no one has ever written a Class::DBI::Relationship
> subclass for many-to-many?
> The idea, of course, would be to get all objects related via a mapping
> table with a single database query (using a SQL join), including all
> Essential attributes. Right now, the has_many many-to-many hack only
> gets you the id of each related object, and you need to do a separate
> db query for each object if you want to flesh out the other
> attributes.
> Are most people happing writing custom SQL as needed? Or constructing
> the appropriate search query in Class::DBI::Sweet? As far as I can
> tell, Sweet can get many-to-many related objects with one query, but
> you have to construct the correct ->search.

I did this a couple of times myself, but was never able to get code I was 
happy with since CDBI doesn't -really- understand joins, even after the work I 
did in Sweet to be able to support the queries involved.

In DBIx::Class we found that a many-many isn't really a relationship in its 
own right, it's a bridge over two existing relationships. You could maybe 
backport it but Class::DBI (as the description "Simple Database Abstraction") 
suggests doesn't really understand databases well enough to do it properly; 
you'll run into all sorts of nasty corner cases and places where you have to 
fight the underlying code - which is why I never released mine, it was too 
much of a hack by the time it mostly worked.


is one of the attempts, dunno if that's any use to you. Personally when we 
encounter stuff like this we tend to find it's faster to upgrade the code to 

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