[CDBI] Primary key declarations on non-primary key columns fails poorly

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Aug 22 09:51:57 BST 2006

Derek Basch wrote:
> Hello All,
> I spend several hours tracking down this error and I thought I would submit it to this list before
> submitting a feature request to CPAN.
> For this example I am using Mysql v5.0 and Class::DBI v3.0.15 
> If you declare a column as a primary key with Class::DBI like this:
> Music::CD->columns(Primary => qw/pk1 pk2/);
> and the column is not declared as a primary key in the database schema then you will get this
> rather unhelpful error:
> Can't insert new Database::Table: Can't get last insert id at /usr/local/lib/foo.pm line 180
> As soon as you declare the column as primary in the database schema the error disappears.
> It seems like Class::DBI should do an idiot check (yes, I am definitely the idiot on this one) to
> ensure that the column really is a primary key column in the database schema. 

And then if your database schema was set up by an idiot and you can't change 
it, Class::DBI becomes completely useless because you can't declare what 
*should* have been in the schema, only what is.

I'll take dealing with the occasional stupid mistake thanks, though the error 
message could maybe be improved.

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