[CDBI] column case sensitivity (Pg)

Rod McChesney rod.mcchesney at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 02:07:05 BST 2006

> Diversity is great!

So it is, but I have to side with Sam on this one -- when *every*
answer from a particular person includes a "switch to <package x> to
solve all problems" comment, I find it gets a little old. And it's
often not particularly helpful when the poster who asked the original
question is a CDBI user, anyway -- it's reminiscent of companies that
answer every help request with "you need to upgrade."

My $.02, and not trying to start a flame war...


On 8/22/06, Ryan Tate <lists at ryantate.com> wrote:
> I've seen lots of helpful information about CDBI provided by people
> (including but not limited to Matt) who sometimes advocate other
> systems. And I'm glad these experienced voices are heard on the list,
> particularly when the designated maintainer of the code is not here.
> Diversity is great!
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