[CDBI] column case sensitivity (Pg)

Sam Tregar sam at tregar.com
Wed Aug 23 19:36:29 BST 2006

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Matt S Trout wrote:

> My apologies, although I disagree with you about Mason; Mason on its
> own, perhaps not, but it's still a valuable and useful piece of
> software as part of a larger system, even for development from
> scratch.

That's exactly what I think of Class::DBI!  And wouldn't you think it
was pretty rude if I started pushing CGI::Application on the Mason

> I try to offer answers that fix CDBI problems when it's clear it's
> simple to fix it, but I'm fairly sure the knock-on effects of
> case-sensitivity would leave a lot of software that makes
> assumptions based on previous versions of CDBI broken so I don't
> think it's an effective route.

I think that as long as it was optional it could be made perfectly
backwards-compatible.  It doesn't even look like a particularly hard
change, and the poster is already halfway there!  It's not like you
were responding to a lost nubie - the guy posted a patch.

> Finally, my offer to help anybody wanting to port DBIC features to
> CDBI to further extend CDBI's capabilities has been open and the
> offer still stands;

I don't see how this fits with telling a guy who wants a minor change
in Class::DBI that he'd be better off using DBIx::Class.  Are you only
willing to help port some features, but not others?  I didn't see any
evidence of a willingness to help improve Class::DBI in this


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