[CDBI] column case sensitivity (Pg)

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed Aug 23 20:09:10 BST 2006

Sam Tregar wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Matt S Trout wrote:
>> My apologies, although I disagree with you about Mason; Mason on its
>> own, perhaps not, but it's still a valuable and useful piece of
>> software as part of a larger system, even for development from
>> scratch.
> That's exactly what I think of Class::DBI!  And wouldn't you think it
> was pretty rude if I started pushing CGI::Application on the Mason
> list?
Not if you were pushing the use of CGI::Application with Mason, no. It 
would seem perfectly logical.

Just like when mugwump has his Tangram-style-OODB-atop-DBIx::Class layer 
written I'll fully expect him to push the use of it on the DBIC list to 
people who look like suitable candidates.
> Finally, my offer to help anybody wanting to port DBIC features to
>> CDBI to further extend CDBI's capabilities has been open and the
>> offer still stands;
> I don't see how this fits with telling a guy who wants a minor change
> in Class::DBI that he'd be better off using DBIx::Class.  Are you only
> willing to help port some features, but not others?  I didn't see any
> evidence of a willingness to help improve Class::DBI in this
> instance.
In this instance, based on prior experience and a pretty thorough knowledge of the Class::DBI internals and the internals of common plugins, I think it would be far, far more pain than the result would justify, especially for a new project.

I'd also disagree that it's remotely a feature port; it's more the removal of a mis-feature (or unwise assumption or whatever you choose to call it) in CDBI, which experience tells me is generally far, far harder work. And given the plugin world is unlikely to catch up to such a change in any reasonable time, I don't honestly believe that it would improve the usefulness of Class::DBI in any significant way.

So, my considered opinion in this specific instance is that it would be a waste of his time to try, so I stated that opinion for the record. You're welcome to hold a different opinion but there's no malice towards Class::DBI or to you in it, nor an unwillingness to help CDBI improve in ways that do offer a decent return for the effort involved or to help CDBI users who are happy with the capabilities of the system to get over a roadbump and continue to do so.

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