[CDBI] Re: construct sucks.

Ryan Tate lists at ryantate.com
Sun Aug 27 20:53:27 BST 2006

On 8/27/06, Perrin Harkins <perrin at elem.com> wrote:
> Ultimately, the scoping problems seem to
> outweigh the benefits, so I turn it off in my code now.

I guess what gnaws at me about doing this is that it feels sloppy. Up
until now, the only time I had LOI issues in my code was when I
deserved to -- a mod_perl situation where a reference went astray.

The idea behind LOI is sound. I am hoping this issue can be patched,
although I have had enough wrestling with CDBI for the day that I have
not the energy to wrestle with the RT login beyond the 15 minutes I've
already invested. I'll try patch by email.

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