[CDBI] Refresh variables for Object?

Perrin Harkins perrin at elem.com
Sat Dec 16 02:05:04 GMT 2006

Graham Melcher wrote:
> The reason for this that i'm iterating over the result of a rather large
> query, such that the results later in the iteration may no longer be up
> to date.

Be careful.  You will have to deal with possibilities like the objects 
being deleted since you ran your original query.

> I could rely on the columns not being essential, or
> re-retrieving the object (although I think that would simply result in
> accessing the same object in memory).

Even if you have the live objects index enabled, this will result in a 
fresh fetch from the database:

my $artist = Artist->retrieve($id);
undef $artist;
$artist = Artist->retrieve($id); # back to the db

There is also a private method called _attribute_delete() which can 
remove specific columns from an object so that they have to be re-fetched.

- Perrin

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