[CDBI] Row locking problems

Colin Murtaugh cmurtaugh at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 16:08:55 GMT 2006

Hi --

I'm a fairly new user of Class::DBI and I'm running into locking
problems.  My application is pretty simple, runs under mod_perl, and
uses an Oracle database.  I've got autocommit turned on.  The problem
I see is that over time, more and more processes are stuck, and in the
database I can see that each of these stuck processes has a row lock
on one of the tables.

If I kill the process, the lock goes away, and I see this in my apache
error log:

      (in cleanup) Can't call method "find_column" on an undefined
value at Class/DBI.pm line 289 during global destruction.

 I don't know if that's related to the lock problem.  So, my question
is: has anyone else had problems with row locking in Oracle, and does
Class::DBI do anything transactionally even when autocommit is turned
on? The table in question does have some Class::DBI triggers.  Maybe
I'll try making them into Oracle triggers instead and see if the
problem continues.


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