[CDBI] Problems with 2 clobs in 1 table

Colin Murtaugh cmurtaugh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 00:03:43 GMT 2006

Hello list --

I'm having a strange problem and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen
anything like this before.   I've got a table with two CLOBs in it,
and sometimes when I update a record in that table (via CDBI) I get a
stuck process (I'm running under mod_perl) and a row lock in my
database (Oracle).   I end up having to kill the process to get rid of
the lock, and obviously the changes I was trying to save to the
database are lost.

This seems to happen only when the text I'm trying to put into these
CLOB fields is greater than a certain size (not sure exactly what the
size is yet, but less than a page of text -- not huge).   Also, it
seems to only happen if I update both CLOBs at the same time.

I've written a very simple test script that just uses DBI to update
the same table, and I'm able to execute update statements that modify
both CLOBs at once (with large amts. of text) with no trouble at all.

Any ideas?


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