[CDBI] Cascading Update

yoorobot yoorobot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 22:14:50 GMT 2006

Jay Hargreaves wrote:
> I've created an admin script to allow users to create/modify/delete 
> News and NewsCategories entries. But I am having trouble when updating 
> the NewsCategories entry with a new ID. If I just change the ID in the 
> object and do an update nothing happens - perhaps I have missed 
> something as this seems the obvious way to do this.

I'm confused, NewsCategories has many News?  And so, you are trying to 
update News.NewsCategory_id ? or NewsCategory.id?  In the latter case, 
it /sounds/ like you're trying to muck with a primary key which is bound 
to "not work" and in the former case, you could write an after update 
trigger to handle updating the news category ids in News with a 
different NewsCategory.id  (assuming that the intent is to change the 
category the news item belongs to).   Sorry if I've read your question 

- James

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