[CDBI] Cascading Update

Kingsley Kerce kingsley at kingsleysoftware.com
Mon Feb 6 22:20:28 GMT 2006

Jay Hargreaves writes:
 > I've created an admin script to allow users to create/modify/delete News 
 > and NewsCategories entries. But I am having trouble when updating the 
 > NewsCategories entry with a new ID. If I just change the ID in the 
 > object and do an update nothing happens - perhaps I have missed 
 > something as this seems the obvious way to do this.

Hi Jay -- Separate your notion of ID and primary key, and allow users
to modify a non-primary-key field named "ID".  Better yet, name the
field something other than "ID".

Generally, it's best to keep primary keys behind the scenes, away from


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