[CDBI] Cascading Update

Jay Hargreaves jay at rigadon.com
Tue Feb 7 15:02:25 GMT 2006

Thanks for all your help guys - I think I'm going to have to use a 
second column as Kingsley suggested. Means a bit or re-coding but I 
think it'll be worth it in the end.

Thanks again

.--- .- -- . ... wrote:
> well it sounds like you want to just change all of your newscategory ids 
> at once? sort of a refactoring? why don't you dump and reload the 2 
> tables into a new schema -- one with a non-encrypted primary key 
> column?  Or, as kingsley suggested earlier, you could create another 
> column on NewsCategory that would be used in the url and leave the 
> primary key alone...
> - James

bingo, bango, bosh...

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