[CDBI] Odd Class::DBI error since upgrading Perl and doing a clean install of all modules

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Fri Feb 10 15:38:02 GMT 2006

On 10/02/06 03:42, James M wrote:
> I have been running a production application based on Class::DBI
> continuously with no problems.  I was using Class::DBI v3.0.14.
> I recently decided to upgrade from Perl 5.8.7 to 5.8.8 and do a clean
> install of all Perl modules.  Since then, one of my production scripts keeps
> failing with the following runtime error:
> Operation "bool": no method found, argument in overloaded package
> Class::DBI::Object::Has::Been::Deleted at
> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Class/DBI.pm line 491.
Sounds like this bug:


which was resolved in v3.0.14, I think.

Are you sure that the correct CDBI version is installed?


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